The HypeMatch

Does your favorite stock lives up to its hype? Use the HypeMatch and see for yourself!

Comprehensive stock picking

The only comprehensive stock picking app for the intelligent investor


Financial data is retrieved directly from the SEC, making sure it is the most accurate.

Data providers

Chart data, stock profiles, dividends and news are retrieved and reconciled across more than 10 different providers.

Data management

Chart data, dividends, news are refreshed multiple times in the day for each stock. Financials are refreshed weekly.


The platform is up 24h/24h, and is closely monitored. Any problem, you can @ us on Twitter!

Advanced search

Search tickers directly or search by PER, PBR or price

Companies financial data

Browse through up to 10 years of financial data (quaters & years)


The main information of a company is made accessible in a simple panel.


Flawlessly browse a company's last 5 years dividends.

Notes & financial practices

Browse a company's financial practices directly from their last filling.

Companies news

The last compelling news about a company, compiled from our providers.

Financials news

Up to date financial news

Stay updated

We regularly give update on our Twitter @thehypematch


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The main information of a company is made accessible in a simple panel.

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The HypeMatch is the only comprehensive stock picking application for the intelligent investor. It is the only app that allows you to search for companies based on criteria such as PER (price earnings ratio), PBR (price to book ratio) and price. It also is the only app that displays the financial data of a company in a simple manner, accessible to everyone, as it should be.
Comprehensive design

User Experience

The HypeMatch is all about the user experience. The user interface is designed with swift animations, and is gesture aware. It also impulses haptic feedback if available.

macOS version2

There also is a macOS version that comes along with your iOS's
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